Elba Island: how to get a LPG car on the ferries

LPG car on ferries to Elba Island

You are planning to spend a holiday on Elba Island. There’s the ferry to book. And you want to get your LPG car on the ferry. Here you can find the most important things to know.


When you’re booking

Book online the ferries to Elba Island is easy. Using our booking system, you must specify:

  • Number and age of passengers;
  • Route;
  • Day of departure;
  • Day of the return journey (eventually).

Selecting the appropriate option (“I am travelling with a vehicle”), you can choose to get a vehicle (such as a car, a motorbike or a motorhome) on the ferry. You also need to specify the type, size and model of the vehicle. If it’s a LPG vehicle, you must declare it.


Before the departure

Just before driving the car on to the ferry, contact the ferry company staff. For LPG cars and vehicles, in fact, inside the ferry there are special spaces where they can be parked. In addition, the vehicle, at the time of boarding, must have the half-empty tank (a condition required by most of the ferry companies for Elba Island).


Driving the car on to the ferry

Only the driver can drive the vehicle to the assigned place (any other passengers will have to walk). The ferry staff will indicate you where the boarding point is and how to reach the assigned parking space.


The companies

These are the general conditions for you to get a LPG car on the ferries to the island of Elba. However, any company can have its own rules.

The main ferry companies are four:

  • Toremar;
  • Moby;
  • Blunavy;
  • Corsica Ferries.

When booking online, read carefully the conditions of these companies.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/klimenko

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