Christmas 2015 on Elba: the tradition of live nativity scene in Marciana

  • Published: 30-11-2015
  • Category: Events

live nativity scene Italy: Elba Island

You have decided to spend Christmas 2015 on Elba Island. And the itinerary with the things to do and to see is complete. Well, there’s another appointment that you cannot miss during your vacation to Italy. It’s the live nativity scene of Marciana.


The live nativity scene

Every year, Christmas Eve on Elba Island is enriched by this event. Walking through the streets of the village of Marciana, you will feel the sensation to be in a place where time seems to have stopped at the time of the birth of Jesus: the shepherds with their sheep, farmers, the Three Wise Men in the hut, Joseph and Mary in the traditional iconography with the ox and the donkey.

A simple and essential nativity scene. To immerse yourselves in an enchanting Christmas atmosphere.


How to get there

Marciana is a small and picturesque village on the hills of the western part of the island. To get there from Portoferraio, the main town of the island:

  • Take the county road 24 to Procchio
  • From Procchio, take the county road 25 to Marciana

The journey by takes about three quarters of an hour.


Further information

Usually, the live nativity scene of Marciana takes place between December 24 and 26. For further information, visit the official fanpage of the nativity scene.


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