Lighthouses on Elba Island: a 12 legs special itinerary along the coast

Elba Island’s lighthouses

There are a lots of itineraries to discover Elba Island. We propose you a special one, an original way to discover the coast and the inhabited centers of this destination: it’s the route of Elba Island’s lighthouses.

  1. Semaforo di Montegrosso. It’s on the north side of Elba Island, in the territory of the municipality of Marciana Marina. Today the lighthouse is disused.
  2. Rio Marina’s lighthouse. Another disused lighthouse: it overlooks the Piombino’s canal, along the external pier of Rio Marina’s port. Its structure is on the peak of a rocky mount.
  3. Capo Ortano’s lookout station. An unused lighthouse along the east coast of Elba Island, on the promontory of the same name in the territory of Rio Marina.
  4. Capo Focardo’s lighthouse. It’s on the north-east side of the territory of Capoliveri, near Forte Focardo. This lighthouse is still used.
  5. Semaforo di Campo alle Serre. It overlooks the canal of Corsica. The Semaforo di Campo delle Serre it’s an unused lighthouse that is on the little hill of the same name, in the territory of Marciana.
  6. Monte Poro’s lighthouse. It’s on the south coast of Elba Island, in the territory of Campo nell’Elba. The lighthouse is still used and it’s on the promontory of the same name.
  7. Marina di Campo’s lighthouse. It’s near the tower of Marina di Campo, in the inhabited center of the same name.
  8. Punta Polveraia’s lighthouse. Also this lighthouse overlooks the canal of Corsica. You can reach it from Patresi, in the territory of Marciana.
  9. Scoglietto di Portoferraio’s lighthouse. It’s in one of the most beautiful and most photographed place of the isle, just after the principal inhabited center of Elba Island.
  10. Portoferraio’s lighthouse. It’s in the complex of Forte Stella, one of the best preserved Medicean fortress of Portoferraio.
  11. Torre del Gallo. The moletto della Sanità (a pier) closes the south-west area of the port. Here there’s Torre del Gallo.
  12. Torre della Linguella. The last stage of the trip, in Portoferraio. Recently, a lighthouse was built in the west angle of the torrione’s walls.

These 12 places are romantic, suggestive, fascinating. They will let you admire some panoramas of the most beautiful inhabited centers of Elba Island.


Fonte immagine: “Volterraio – Blick auf die Landspitze von Portoferraio” di Wolfgang Sauber – Opera propria. Con licenza CC BY-SA 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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