Sinaam, the Appiani, and a ferocious pirate recruited by a powerful sultan

sinaam appiani

Grassera was an ancient mining village of Elba Island. Its presence is confirmed since the XII and the XIV century. At that time, Elba Island were often devastated by the ferocious incursions of the pirates. And the woman who the legend starts with hailed from Grassera.

The woman lived in Rio nell’Elba. She was kidnapped during an excursion of the pirates. She was so beautiful that she immediately became the favorite of the sultan Delasman. She gave him a baby called Sinaam.

Stories about the born and the growth of Sinaam were mysterious. But, in a non-clear way, Sinaam was adopted by the prince Giacomo V Appiano. But Delasman couldn’t tolerate an offence like that.

A scourge overthrew in the gulf of the ancient Ferraia (today Portoferraio): the ferocious corsair Khayr al-Din, better  known as Barbarossa, was recruited by the sultan and claimed to have back the young Sinaam.

Prince Giacomo V opposed his refusal and so Barbarossa demonstrated that his fame wasn’t undeserved: he destroyed the city, and the entire island was oppressed by raids and very violent massacres.

Raids and massacres continued until he had back the young Sinaam. Then Barbarossa took him to the sultan.


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