Legends of Elba Island: the story of Alba and Sabino

Legends of Elba IslandThe Mostri di Pietra and the Argonauti are two examples: Elba Island is a place of legends. And these legends take place in one of the most amazing parts of the Island, like the story of princess Alba and knight Sabino.

The legend tales the love story between the princess and the knight. But their love was both passionate and condemned by others. So, they turned to the goddess Venus for protection, and she told them the Elba Island was a safe place to hide.

The Goddess asked them only one thing: a room dedicated to her into the home in which they lived. However Alba and Sabino forgot about this and Venus took revenge.

The knight lost his memory and started to tramp in the Island as a madman and the Princess became very unhappy.

The legend of Alba and Sabino is very moving and it’s alive today. Among the ruins of Roman Villa of Grotte (near Portoferraio) it’s possible to listen the voice of Princess Alba that calls the name of Sabino.


Fonte immagine: Flickr.com/photos/steffen_ramsaier

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