Le Tombe beach: between sea and mediterranean scrub

Le Tombe beachThe unknown Elba Island is made of places rarely visited, panoramas and views that usually remain outside the traditional tourist routes, places small and quient. And is also made of hidden beaches, not easily accessible and for this reason even more beautiful. As the so-called Le Tombe beach (the beach of the tombs).

Perhaps the name could be disquieting but you should not be intimidated. Derives from the presence of some Etruscan tombs that are located near the beach. A relaxing day on the beach Le Tombe could also be an opportunity to visit them and discover another aspect of Elba Island.

Le Tombe is a small beach, made of small pebbles. The sea, needless to say, is immaculate, and absolutely transparent. On the beach there is no type of service. In other words, this is one of the wildest and most pristine beaches on the island. Ideal for full immersion in nature, to move away from modernity, and to practice snorkeling.

To get to Le Tombe beach is quite an hard way to go (and this makes it unsuitable during a holiday with the kids). Coming from Marina di Campo, you have to overcome Cavoli, Seccheto and Fetovaia. Following the directions, you get to the Km 16th of the provincial road number 25. From here starts a path of about 10 minutes down through the scents and colors of the sea and the Mediterranean.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/fotofior

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