A walk along Lacona dunes, Elba Island: discover and protect an inestimable naturalistic patrimony

  • Published: 14-09-2015
  • Category: Events

lacona dunes

The inestimable naturalistic patrimony of Elba island consists in the shape of its coasts, in the rock ambient, in its flora and fauna. Between the principal naturalistic zones there are the Lacona dunes, in the municipality of Capoliveri.

The next 25th September, the  guided walk will let you discover closely the characteristic dune flora of this area. The sand, the wind, and a very changeable weather created a vegetation as particular as delicate. For this reason the excursion on 25th September has as main aim to let you discover these rare species.


The excursion

The walk will start at 03.30 PM from the parking lot of the ex Essenza club, in Capoliveri, and it will lasts 2 hours. The route is apt for everyone and it will go from the shore to the hinterland. These dunes represent one of the most rare dune systems of the Tuscany archipelago which have autochthonous vegetation as the sea lily, the sea chamomile and other very rare species as the Ophrys apifera orchid.



When: Friday 25 September, 3.00 PM

Meeting point: Lacona, parking lot of the ex Essenza club

Duration: 2 hours


Image source: Wikimedia.org

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