Sandy and safe: the 5 best kid friendly beaches on Elba Island

kid friendly beaches in Italy: Elba Island

Elba Island is a great destination for children: this place, in fact, can offer several attractions and things to do for them. But a holiday cannot be complete without enjoying the sand, the sun and the sea. But it is better to choose one of the kid friendly beaches on Elba Island.


The beaches for children

These are the five best beaches on Elba Island where to spend a holiday with children:

  • Marina di Campo. It’s on the south coast of Elba, the part that is commonly called Costa del Sole (“coast of the sun”): it is a long white sandy beach, with shallow water.
  • Lacona. You will enjoy sun and sea on one of the longest beaches of the island. Behind the beach there is a beautiful pinewood where you can eat, play with the children and rest during the afternoon.
  • Spiaggia delle Ghiaie. Easy to reach on foot from Portoferraio (along the road there are several bars and restaurants), part of the beach offers sun loungers and umbrellas. Behind the beach there is a garden with games and benches, where you can bring your children. Moreover, delle Ghiaie is one of the most beautiful beaches of Elba Island.
  • Biodola and Scaglieri. Two beaches that are very close to each other and both very close to Portoferraio. Biodola and Scaglieri are separated by a short cliff. These are two golden and fine sand beaches. And the sea is usually quiet, so children can play and swim quietly.

These beaches are sandy, easy to reach and equipped with different services: perfect for a holiday with children.



Even the hotel in which you will stay must have a fundamental characteristic: to be close to the beaches where you’ll spend the most beautiful moments of your holiday. From this point of view, we have two tips for you:

  • Book a hotel in Portoferraio: the main town of the island is located in a strategic position, from which you can easily reach even the most distant beaches;
  • Take a car on the ferry.


Elba Island with children

Elba Island is ideal for a holiday with children because there are so many things to do and see with kids: in addition to the aforementioned beaches, there are several playgrounds, the mining park and the aquarium of Marina di Campo.


These are the beaches for children of Elba and, as already mentioned, some of them are also among the most beautiful of this destination. Now you just have to enjoy your holiday, but not before having booked the ferry trip.


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