June 2015 long weekend getaway to the beach? Elba Island is waiting for you

June long weekend 2015 getaway at the beachFour days at your disposal and you want to spend them lying on the seashore. June 2015 long weekend is approaching. And the ideal place to realize this wish is Elba island.

Where, when it comes to beaches and the sea, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Sandy beaches – are the most desired, even the most dreamed the whole island of Elba. Fine sand and an unforgettable sea ded from nature or from the hills that slope gently towards the coast. The sandy beaches of the island are ideal for a relaxing holiday, or in the company of their children.

White beaches – are some of the most precious jewels along the coast of the island. Places where the whiteness of the sand is in contrast to the deep blue sea and the green of nature. Among the most famous (and popular) white beaches of Elba there are Sansone, Padulella, Cala dei Frati, Fetovaia, Sant’Andrea.

Children – sandy, large, shallow, clean water, provided with all facilities. These are the characteristics that should have the perfect beach for children. In Elba island there are several of them, especially near major towns such as: Marina di Campo, Lacona, Ghiaie beach.

Beaches for dogs – Why give up dog company? In Elba island there are also beaches for dogs: the largest and equipped is to Mola, in the municipality of Porto Azzurro, near the homonymous bay.

Snorkeling – Another of the reasons why every year more and more people choose Elba for their holidays. In a long weekend in June at the beach in Elba Island, the sea could be the occasion to arm yourself with mask and snorkel and admire the colors and the life of the Tyrrhenian Sea: the best spot to do some snorkeling are Capo Sant’Andrea, the rocks of Ogliera, the marine reserve of Ghiaie.

The most beautiful – Finally, the last tip: you could spend the days of this June 2015 long weekend getaway at the beach enjoying a small tour discovering the most beautiful beaches on Elba Island.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/jwpriebe

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