Holiday in Italy: the 5 most romantic places to see on Elba Island

Italy romantic places: Elba Island

A quiet place. A breathtaking view, especially at sunset. Dine overlooking the coast, enjoying the breeze and the smell of the sea. This is what you want for your next vacation to Italy. And the most romantic places of Elba Island are there to satisfy you.


1. Innamorata Beach

The most romantic beach of Elba Island. The origin of the name is the poignant love story between two young people of the island. The best moment to see this beach, and there would be no need to say, is at sunset. Innamorata beach is located near Capoliveri, on the southern coast, and it’s easy to reach from Portoferraio, on the north coast.


2. Portoferraio old town centre

Narrow and picturesque streets, dimly lit at night. The Medicean dock that appears suddenly, giving an unexpected view of the sea. The shape of Medici fortresses accompanying you throughout the walk. This is the old town centre of Portoferraio: can you imagine a more romantic scene?


3. Borgo al Cotone

It is located near Marciana Marina. This hamlet is a small an ancient fishing village built around a picturesque cove. Here, you can still see the fishing boats and immerse yourself in a special atmosphere, out of time.


4. Delle Viste Beach

Polished pebbles and sand, an unforgettable sea, the famous Scoglietto di Portoferraio that rises just offshore: these elements are enough to define the Delle Viste as one of the most romantic places that you can see on Elba Island. Not surprisingly, it is among the most beautiful in Portoferraio and surroundings.


5. The Anello occidentale

Have a drink on beaches such as Procchio and Scaglieri, watching the sunset. And then visit small and picturesque villages. This is the Anello occidentale dell’isola d’Elba, the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo. Poggio and Chiessi are two other very romantic and quiet hamlet.


These are the most romantic places of the island, now you just have to enjoy your holiday. What’s missing to complete it all? It’s easy to say: have a dinner in a cosy, typical restaurant. In the historic centre of Portoferraio, you can find several.

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