Islands near Elba: 3 real paradises to discover during a vacation

islands near Elba

Uncontaminated places, where nature is wonderful. Destinations that are almost uninhabited, a detail that makes them even more fascinating and intriguing to visit. We’re talking about Capraia, Pianosa and Montecristo. In other words, the three islands near Elba.



Among the three islands near Elba, it is the largest and it’s inhabited. The homonymous town stands at the foot of the fort of San Rocco. Several paths allow the visitor to discover the many aspects of the island, from the coves overlooking the sea to the inland areas. In the sea between Gorgona and Capraia, it’s possible to see dolphins.

And we must not forget the main reason for which Capraia, every year, is visited by many tourists: we are obviously talking about its beautiful beaches, such as Cala della Mortola and Cala Rossa, which always leave the visitor speechless.



For 150 years, until July 1999, it was only the island of a penitentiary. But in July 1999 the penitentiary was closed, and the “second life” of Pianosa island began, one of the most beautiful island of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

Thanks to the presence of the penitentiary, Pianosa has remained practically intact over the years, preserving itself as an inestimable natural treasure: the sea rich in life, the rugged and wild land, the different animal species that live there.

And Pianosa is also a very ancient place, such as the many finds demonstrate. Finds dating back to different eras: Copper Age, Roman domination, Early Christian period. In other words, there are so many things to see in Pianosa during an excursion.



The most inaccessible and wild of the three. The sea and nature are what the visitor seeks in this place made famous by Alexandre Dumas, who set here a part of his novel The count of Monte Cristo. This island is like a nature jewel, where you can feel far, far away from modernity.

To visit Montecristo, you must obtain a special permit from the Corpo Forestale di Follonica. Once the permit is kept and the island reached, remember that it is absolutely forbidden to bathe or take away anything.


How to reach these three islands? The first step is to book a ferry trip to Elba Island and, from here, take part in one of the several boat tours that, every days, bring visitors to Capraia and Pianosa (as mentioned above, to get to Montecristo you need the permit of the Corpo Forestale di Follonica).


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