L’Innamorata 2017: the cortège, the torchlight procession and the love story

  • Published: 29-05-2017
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Innamorata Elba 2017

In the picture, you can admire the panorama that can be seen from above the beach of Innamorata, one of the most romantic places on Elba Island. And there is a particular moment of the year when this place becomes even more fascinating. The day we are talking about is July 14th, 2017. When the re-enactment of the legend of Innamorata will take place.


The legend

The beach was the love nest of two young lovers, Lorenzo and Maria. A love ostracized by their families. One day, the pirates abducted Lorenzo while he was waiting for his beloved woman. When she came to the beach, Maria saw the pirate ship moving away with her beloved on board. In an attempt to save him, she drowned in the sea. The woman disappeared in the waves, leaving behind only her white scarf.

Second half of the Seventeenth century. Domingo Cardenas was a decayed Spanish nobleman who inhabited near Innamorata beach. One evening, in July, he thought to see the shadow of Maria standing against the horizon. Domingo, shocked by that vision, made a promise: every year, in July, he would light a thousand torches to allow Mary to find her Lorenzo.


The cortège and the torchlight procession

At 9pm, a thousand torches illuminate the spiaggia dell’Innamorata. Then, the cortège in historical costumes starts from Capoliveri and arrives to the beach

Before 11pm, the “disfida della ciarpa” takes place:

  • A Capoliveri girl, who impersonates Maria, plunges into the sea leaving behind a white scarf.
  • Four rowing boats (one for each of the Capoliveri districts, Torre, Fortezza, Fosso and Baluardo) challenge to take the scarf.
  • Finally, after 11pm, the celebrations start, with music on the beach until dawn.


How to get there

To get to Capoliveri (where the cortège begins) from Portoferraio (one of the main ports for ferries to Elba Island):

  • Take the county road 26 to Porto Azzurro;
  • From Porto Azzurro, take the county road 31 and follow the road signs to Capoliveri.

The journey by car takes about twenty minutes.


Further information

For further information about the 2017 edition of the cortège and the torchlight procession of the Innamorata (any changes), you can visit the official website of the event, Laleggendadellinnamorata.com.

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