A love becomes legend: the feast of Innamorata beach 2015

  • Published: 26-05-2015
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Innamorata beach 2015

A romantic and charming place. A poignant story. A torchlight procession that takes place every year on July 14, in the evening, in memory of the love of Lorenzo and Maria. This is the feast of Innamorata beach 2015.


The legend

Lorenzo and Maria where in love. But their love was hampered by his rich family, while the family of the woman was poor. The beach became their secret refuge, where Lorenzo decided to ask her to marry him.

It was on July 14, 1534. The coasts of the island were attacked by pirates. A mob landed on the beach. Lorenzo fought with honor but was captured by pirates and taken on their ship.

Maria, on the top of the cliff, saw the pirate ship retreating after a body was thrown into the sea. The woman recognized him even at that distance: it was Lorenzo. Maria jumped into the sea. Only her scarf (the “ciarpa”) was found on the beach.


The beach

Innamorata is one of the most beautiful beaches of Capoliveri: white sand mixed with pebbles, the small islands of Gemini rising slightly off, a clear, blue sea like few others in the world. It is also one of the most romantic beach on the island.


The disfida (“challenge”)

The feast of Innamorata beach 2015 begins in the evening, when thousand torches light up on the beach. At 9:30pm, the torchlight procession start in Capoliveri and goes to the beach.

Then a girl, who represents the Innamorata, jumps from the rocks into the sea and leaves her scarf in the sea. Thus the challenge of ciarpa begins: four boats, one for each of Capoliveri castle quarters (Torre, Fortezza, Fosso and Baluardo), retrieve the scarf. The winner quarter will designate the woman who will play Innamorata the next year.


How to get there

Innamorata beach is easy to reach via car (which you can embark on the ferry), it is just five kilometers from Capoliveri, one of the main towns on the island. And Capoliveri is near Portoferraio, where you can stay.


More information

For more information about the feast of Innamorata beach 2015, you can visit the official website of the event, Laleggendadellinnamorata.com.

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