How to save money when booking the ferry to Elba Island: the 3 tips

how to save money on Elba ferries

Elba Island is there, very close and very easy to reach. All you have to do is book the ferry trip. Book the ferry trip at the cheapest price. And since you want to know how to save money, here’s what you have to do.

  • Comparison. This is the very first “trick” to learn how to save on the cost of travel. Using our online booking system, in a single screen, in the days and for the selected route, you will have the opportunity to compare all the prices of all the several shipping companies that guarantee the connection between Piombino and the various ports of arrival on Elba Island. In this way, you will be sure to book the ferry trip at the lowest price available.
  • Book in advance. A good tip to save money on the organization of a holiday and also on the purchase of ferry tickets. Periodically, the different companies offer cheap price tickets. Tickets that, since they are so cheap, are available only for a limited period of time. By booking in advance, you will have more opportunities to buy these tickets.
  • Ferry deck seat. It is possible to book different types of seat on the ferry, such as cabin and armchair. The most economical is certainly the deck seat: you will spend the whole journey, in practice, on the outer deck of the ferry, saving on the total cost of the ticket(s).

To save money on the ferry trip to and from Elba Island, there is another possibility, but we left it, so to speak, on the side-lines. In fact, for obvious reasons, all the residents of Elba Island can benefit from special discount prices to book a ticket on one of the ferries that connect the island with the mainland. For further information, please visit the Tourism page of Provincia di Livorno official website, (where you can find all the useful contacts).


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