The history of Elba Island: 3 archaeological to discover the Etruscan age


Elba Island has several secrets that will make your holiday even more special. One of these secrets is represented by the findings of the Etruscan civilization. Civilization that you can discover with this peculiar itinerary.

  1. The hill villages. The island of Elba has ad iron-rich subsoil and the Etruscans knew it. This civilization built several fortified hill villages, whose remains can be seen today in Monte Castello, Castiglione di San Martino, Castiglione di Campo, Monte Fabbrello and Monte Puccio. These villages were built in strategic positions.
  2. Hellenistic necropolis of Capoliveri. It was discovered in 1816 by Colonel Giacomo Mellini and it is in Pròfico. In this necropolis, a sort of treasure was found: cups, bowls, vases and other metal objects, such as chandeliers, pliers and jars. These findings are preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Portoferraio.
  3. Necropolis of Casa del Duca. This archaeological site is located in the municipality of Portoferraio, in Casa del Duca hamlet. The necropolis was used from the Fifth to the Second century B.C. It consists of four graves, one is Etruscan and the others are Roman. The Etruscan one is a woman’s grave in which were found, among other things, a gold necklace, a silver earring, a silver fibula, seven bronze pendants.

In addition to these three sites, which can be considered the most important, there are other places where the findings of the Etruscan civilization were found: for example, Volterraio, Capoliveri, Trane, Colle Santa Lucia, Poggio.


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