Hiking on Elba Island: three excursions on Calamita mountain

Elba Island hiking: Calamita mountainCapanne mountain is the highest peak of Elba Island. But it’s not the only hiking excursion of the Mediterranean island. If you want to admire sceneries where the sea meets the slopes, there is also another place: it’s Calamita mountain, near the town of Capoliveri.


Calamita mountain

Since ancient times, Calamita mountain was known for its subsoil, very rich in minerals. On its slopes it’s possible to see traces of subsoil exploitation. Today, in the area where the mountain rises, there are large sunny beach, subterranean mines, scenic routes.

And to discover this area, you have three paths.


Path n.1 – Anello del monte Calamita

The starting point and the arrival point are in Cavatore square, in Capoliveri. This is the most suggestive of the three paths, where it’s possible to admire wonderful sea panoramas. A very demanding dirt patch leads the hiker to the Anello del monte Calamita (“Calamita mountain ring”), ten kilometers long. The identification number of this path is 70.


Path n.2 – Capoliveri-Naregno

This is the path n.80, starting poin in Capoliveri, arrival point in Naregno (one of the most beautiful beach of the whole Elba Island). And this is the best path if you want to admire where the sea meets the slopes of the Calamita mountain.


Path n.3 – Innamorata-Buzzancone

The spiaggia dell’Innamorata is one of the most romantic beach on Elba Island. And in this case the beach is the starting point of a seven kilometers hiking excursion that crosses Calamita mountains and arrives to Buzzancone, on the sea. In some way, the path n.71 is the ideal connection between pristine Elba East coast and well-frequented Elba West coast.


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