Halloween 2017 on Elba island: 3 ideas for the most scary day of the year

Halloween 2017 on Elba island

On the most frightening day of the year, Halloween 2017, you are thinking about a small trip, maybe just in a couple of days. You only need a destination and good ideas to plan everything. The destination we suggest is Elba island.

And these are three great ideas to organize the trip in the best way.


1. The itinerary

There is a more touristic Elba island, “classic” in a sense. But there is also another island, much more special, secret, hidden. Made of places, tours and excursions that aren’t usually in the traditional tourist itineraries. So, there is an itinerary that is perfect for Halloween.

It is the route of the so-called stone monsters of Elba island. They are natural stone formations, some of which can even reach the ten-meter high, to which people assigned names that recall their peculiar form, such as the Cullata del Diavolo and il Masso dell’aquila. To see them, there are two guided tours with lots of illustrations.


2. Places of Legends

Part of the history of Elba island is accurately documented. Another, however, is much smoother, more vague, and much more fascinating. In this limbo of indeterminacy, where history meets the popular tradition, some suggestive legends have emerged.

Four, in particular:

  • The Innamorata;
  • The treasure of Porto Azzurro;
  • The Sitting of Our Lady;
  • Argonauts.

Halloween is the best day to retrace the places where these stories would happen (or do they really?).


3. Discotheques

The last idea is for those who, even at Halloween, do not want to give up the pleasure of dancing until the early lights of dawn. On this particular occasion, the two main discos on Elba island, Club 64 and Decò, usually organize special theme parties.


Have you chosen the idea you like to spend Halloween 2017? So now there’s one thing to do: book a place on one of the ferries to Elba island.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/zuc123

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