A charming walk to discover the goat sheds of Elba Island

Goat sheds Elba IslandElba Island is not only sea. This destination in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea is also made of places that normally remain outside the tourist routes “classics”: places like the Monsters of Stone, the Napoleon’s chair, the testimonies of the Etruscan civilization, domes and menhirs. And as the goat sheds of Elba Island.


This is a typical structure especially in the area west of the island. The goat sheds elbano is, traditionally, dome-shaped, and is made of stone. It was used by shepherds to shelter in case of bad weather and, occasionally, to hide from the pirates who plundered the island. Some of these are very old goat sheds, and even date back a thousand years ago.

Many of them have been destroyed, but many others have survived until today, even though they are now disused. The main and best preserved goat sheds are concentrated around seven locations:


  • San Piero in Campo
  • Seccheto
  • Pomonte
  • Chiessi
  • Marciana
  • Poggio
  • Campo nell’Elba


Each of this goat sheds could be the opportunity for a hike in nature during a holiday in the west central area of Elba Island. There is also a fascinating journey that starting from Seccheto passes Vallebuia and reaches Colle della Grottaccia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/ginepro

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