Occidentali’s karma and not only: Francesco Gabbani’s in concert on Elba Island

  • Published: 31-07-2017
  • Category: Events

During a holiday in Italy, you can hear people singing the verse “la scimmia nuda balla”. Verse of a song for which Francesco Gabbani, today, is considered as one of the most talented young Italian songwriters. And he will perform on August 12th, 2017, during a concert on Elba Island.

  • Gabbani. He doesn’t even need an introduction. Winner of the 2017 edition of Sanremo Music Festival with its song Occidentali’s karma, he has become famous for the originality of its lyrics and for the many cultural and anthropological references. Magellano, his third album (released this year) is a real success.
  • The location. The concert will take place in Portoferraio, the main town of Elba Island. To be precise, the chosen location is Calata Buccari, in the port of Portoferraio, an area made special by the sea and the imposing Medici fortresses. There are all the conditions for a really great evening.
  • Musica and not only. August 12th is in the middle of summer. What better way to visit a destination that has so much to offer to all of its visitors? In particular, we recommend two itineraries: what to see during a holiday in Portoferraio and the most beautiful beaches in Portoferraio.
  • How to get there. Portoferraio is also one of the main ports for the ferries to Elba Island. From Piombino (the port of departure), every day, different ferries bring visitors to this beautiful island. The journey takes about one hour.

August 12th will be an opportunity to listen to some of Francesco Gabbani’s most famous songs. Like these two:


Image source: Di Alina Vozna – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=58853405

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