Napoleon’s Legacy: a film to narrate Elba Island

napoleon legacy

Napoleon left in Elba Island numerous and inestimable traces. Thanks to the work of the First French emperor, Elba gained modern institutions and production methods. So it’s nothing strange that Elba’s citizens pay tributes to the most famous Corsica’s son. But there are still few people that know what is Napoleon’s Legacy.

A webseries born from the imagination of Francesca Detti and Alessandro Izzo,  also known as “I Licaoni”. The webseries was produced in occasion of the Napoleonic Bicentenary, and it starts talking about an evil spirit known as Tyrant. Who is going to release himself from the bowels of the earth, with the intention of destroying the world. But two tourist guides will oppose. Obviously, with Napoleon.

But what does Napoleon has to do with a plot like this? You just have to watch the four episodes (each of them of 8 minutes) of the webseries to discover it. And discover a story that mixes, in a skillfully way, mystery, action, romance, drama, adventure, horror, history and fantasy.

Hereinafter you can watch the first episode of “Napoleon’s Legacy”. And if you want to watch the film (or webseries, to be clearer), you just have to click here.


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