Festa dell’uva 2016 in Capoliveri: Elba Island flavours and traditions

  • Published: 3-10-2016
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Festa dell’uva Capoliveri 2016

Are you thinking of spending a little vacation for a few days on Elba Island to immerse yourself in the colors, scents and flavors of autumn? In this case, there is an event that you really must not miss: it is the 2016 edition of Festa dell’uva (Grape Festival) in Capoliveri, which will take place from October 7th to 9th.


The fest

There will be three days entirely dedicated to the grape harvest and the traditional flavors of Elba Island. In addition, the four districts of Capoliveri organize costumed performances and themed games. The challenge between Torre, Fosso, Fortezza and Baluardo to win the “Bacco” trophy will be a great moment of the fest: the challenge is to prepare, in the streets and squares of Capoliveri, the most beautiful setting about the grape harvest and the traditions of the island.

Moreover, Festa dell’uva in Capoliveri is an opportunity to taste the typical dishes and the best wines from Elba island.


How to get

The main harbor of Elba island is Portoferraio, along the northern coast of the island. To go from Portoferraio to Capoliveri:

  • Take the county road 24 towards south;
  • Follow the road signs to Capoliveri and take the county road 26;
  • Shortly before arriving in Porto Azzurro, take the county road 31;
  • Continue to Capoliveri.

The journey by car takes about twenty minutes.


A couple of days on Elba island

With a taste and a degustation, you will spend a few days on the beautiful Elba island. Forty-eight hours that could be used (also) to visit two of the main towns of the island. In particular:

  • First day: Portoferraio, with its picturesque old town and the numerous beaches (in October, with a bit of luck, you could do one of the last bathe in the sea of the season).
  • Second day: Capoliveri that, after forte Focardo and the sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie, offers the incomparable excursion on the top of Mount Calamita, from which you will embrace the whole island with your eyes.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of Festa dell’uva in Capoliveri (full programme, how to join, any changes), you can visit the official fan page of the Pro loco of Capoliveri.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/zoikoraki

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