Easter tradition on Elba Island: the Festa della Sportella

  • Published: 13-03-2017
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Festa della Sportella

Land on a cosy and colourful island: this is the holiday that you desire. And Elba Island has exactly what you need: sea, art, history and, above all, traditions. If you decided to spend the Easter holidays in this lovely place, there’s an event during which you can experience the fascinating atmosphere and the bucolic location: it’s the Festa della Sportella, in the hermitage of Santa Caterina, near Rio nell’Elba.


Sportella: the cake of the lovers

It is a very ancient tradition. At the Hermitage of Santa Caterina in Rio nell’Elba, will take place the Festa della Sportella, on Easter Monday. The heart of everything is a love proposal. That’s why it is a quite romantic tradition.

The sportella is a traditional cake. Its origin is a pagan ritual connected to the spring and fertility. During this festival, the sportella is blessed and given by girlfriends to their boyfriends. And it’s certainly an excellent opportunity for a quiet picnic en plain air.


The feast

On Palm Sunday, the boyfriend gives a basket of flowers and a cake called cerimito to the girlfriend. If, on Easter Monday, the girlfriend give the sportella to this boyfriend, it’s a real love proposal.

On Easter Sunday, in particular, the feast begins with the parade of the inhabitants, the parish priest and the band of the country, to celebrate the meeting of the two boys and enjoy, after the celebration of Mass, the sportella.


The Festa della Sportella is a great idea to spend Easter Monday on this island. But have you booked your ferry trip to Elba Island?


Image source: Pixabay

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