The 2017 edition of Festa del pesce povero: flavours and tradition in Capoliveri

  • Published: 19-06-2017
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Festa del pesce povero 2017 in Capoliveri

A vacation is not just to enjoy but also to taste. Because, if it is true that “even the eye wants its part”, the same is for the palate. If these are the conditions to plan a holiday, we have the event for you: the Festa del pesce povero (a fish festival), on July 27th, 2017, in Capoliveri.



The Festa del pesce povero will give you this: the chance to taste some of the typical dishes of Elba Island. Just to make you drool, we can mention stoccafisso (stockfish) alla riese and the famous cacciucco (a fish soup).

And other culinary specialties such as squid stuffed, the sburrita, octopus. All prepared with fresh fish. And accompanied by the best wines on Elba Island: Ansonica passito, Moscato, Aleatico.


…and a place to discover

The Festa del pesce povero could become an idea to spend a few days on the beautiful Elba Island and, especially, in Capoliveri.

  • In Capoliveri, the things to see are really several, such as forte Focardo (a fortress), santuario della Madonna delle Grazie (a sanctuary) and the abside di San Michele (an apsis).
  • Since the festival takes place in summer, there are all the conditions to discover some of the most beautiful beaches of Capoliveri, such as Felciaio, Lacona and Naregno.


How to get there

To get to Capoliveri from Portoferraio (one of the main ports for ferries to Elba Island):

  • Take the county road 26 and follow the road signs to Porto Azzurro;
  • From Porto Azzurro, take the county road 31 and follow the road signs to Capoliveri.

The journey by car takes about twenty minutes.


Further information

For further information about the 2017 edition of Festa del pesce povero in Capoliveri (complete program, any changes), you can visit the municipality of Capoliveri official website,


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