Ferries to the Elba island: 5 tips to book the trip

ferries to Elba tips

Every holiday begins by booking the trip. And to book the ferry crossing to the Elba island, there are five excellent tips to follow.

  • Book. Do you think that booking the ferry trip will take you away time? Keep calm: it will take only a few minutes using our online booking system: you only need to fill in the various fields required by the booking form and, after the procedure has been completed, the tickets will be sent directly by e-mail.
  • Luggage. Included in the ticket price, there is also the possibility of being able to take a baggage on the ferry. Baggage that must contain only personal effects, while for all that exceeds, additional charges may apply. Regarding the maximum luggage size, each company has its own rules.
  • Car. You are thinking of embarking a car on the ferries to the Elba island. At the time of booking, you must select the option “I have a vehicle in tow” specifying the model and size of the car. Remember, in this case, to go to the boarding point about two hours before departure. We advise you to bring a car with you especially if the trip will be with the whole family and if you are going to travel a lot to the island.
  • Dogs. For you there is no holiday without your trusted as a very beloved four-legged friend and this trip will certainly not be an exception. Dogs on ferries to the Elba island can go up but you have to respect some simple rules, like being always with a leash and muzzle and stay close to your four-legged friend.
  • Save. Always using our online booking system, in a single screen you can compare all the prices of the various companies and book tickets at the most convenient cost. Moreover, if you book well in advance you can take advantage of the various offers made available by the companies.

Thanks to these five tips, your next vacation on the Elba island will begin in the best way.

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