Elba island: where to find parking for the car before embarking on the ferry

Ferries to Elba island: parking

You have decided not to embark the car on the ferry to Elba island. For reasons that can be absolutely valid, such as a trip of short duration or, simply, no desire to drive. The fact is that now, however, you need to find a parking space for the car before embarking.


Parking at the port of Piombino

In the picture you can see the port of Piombino. It is from here that, every day, ferries leave for Portoferraio (the main town on the island), Rio Marina and Cavo. Depending on the destination chosen, the crossing can take from thirty minutes to an hour.

  • Temporary parking spaces. Near the ticket office of the port of Piombino, it is already possible to find some parking. This area, however, is only for temporary stops. Moreover, especially during the summer (when departures increase), it is easy to not find a place unless you arrive very early in the morning.
  • Parking for the duration of the holiday. For longer stops (such as a couple of days, a week or, in general, for the duration of the holiday), you can resort to the various paid garages that are located near the terminals and at the ticket office.


How to get to Piombino by car

The port of Piombino is easily reachable by car. Whether taking the A1 motorway (Bologna-Florence-Pisa-Livorno) or taking the A12 motorway (Genoa-Livorno), you must always exit at Rosignano, merge onto Livorno-Grosseto, exit at Venturina, continue on the Variante Aurelia (SS 398 ) and follow the signs to the port.


To move on the island of Elba without a car

Even without a car, you can still move in total freedom and see all the most beautiful places that this beautiful island is able to give to all its visitors. In fact, you can take advantage of the efficient bus service, which connects all the main towns of Elba and will also allow you to reach its enchanting beaches.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/mariejirousek

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