Is it better to book the ferries to Elba Island? Yes, for these 3 reasons

ferries Elba Island better book

Elba Island (for a weekend, for a week or for summer holidays) will be your next destination. And the question you are asking yourself is: better to book the ferry trip? The answer is yes, and these are the three main reasons.

  • You risk not finding a place on the day when you’d like to depart. This could happen especially in summer or during holidays such as Easter, April 25th and May 1st, when Elba Island becomes the dreamed destinations for several travellers who want to enjoy a pleasant vacation on this wonderful island. Eventuality, this problem can be solved in a very simple way: by booking the ferry trip in advance, so you will be sure to leave for your holiday in the day that you prefer.
  • You risk not finding a place if you want to board a vehicle. Like cars, motorbikes or campers. There are always many who choose to board a vehicle to have the opportunity to discover all the most beautiful places on the island. Well, the car parks on the ferries are not infinite (although they are a lot). Arriving at the point of embarkation in the same day when you would like to leave and without a ticket, it’s better if you prepare to leave the vehicle in one of the parking lots of Piombino (yes, it could happen).
  • You risk paying more for the tickets. And this for two main reasons. First of all, by booking online you can immediately take advantage of the offers by the various companies. Moreover, thanks to the online booking, you will also have the possibility to compare the prices of the several companies and always choose the cheapest solution.

Here are the three reasons for which it is definitely better to book the ferries to Elba Island. Using our online booking system.


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