Booking the ferry to Elba island in August: 3 valuable tips

ferries to Elba Island in August

Your next vacation on Elba island will be in August. A month during which this destination gives its best. And what about the ferry reservation? Just follow these three precious tips.

  1. Booking in advance. If we talk about how to save money on the cost of the ferry to Elba island, this is the very first advice. It is also valid if your next holiday will be in August. Of course, ferries to Elba leave every day with good frequency. But you have to consider that, especially in the weeks when most of the people on holiday are concentrated, you may not find the ferry on the day and at the times you prefer. The solution is simple: always book in advance, something like a couple of months before, so as to be sure to leave when you want. Also, you’ll be much more likely to find a seat available even if you plan to board a car.
  2. Comparator. Here, on your left, you immediately have our online comparator available. This is a system that, in the days and times that you have selected, and for the chosen route, will give you the opportunity to compare all the prices offered by the various companies that guarantee the service. In this way, you can always reserve tickets at the most convenient price. And not only that: since you can book online from the comfort of your own home, tickets will be sent directly by email, saving not only time but also money.
  3. The departure time. We have specified that, using our comparator and booking in advance, you can choose the times you prefer. However, since the holiday will be in August, we advise you to leave either in the morning very early or in the evening very late. By doing so, you will avoid embarking on the ferry in times of increased influx of passengers.

Here are the tips to follow to book the trip on one of the ferries to Elba island in August. And now all that remains is to wish you good (next) holidays.


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