Ferragosto 2017 on Elba Island: 3 different ways to spend this day

Ferragosto 2017 on Elba Island

It is the “main day” of summer. It must be spent in the best way. But it depends on the kind of holiday you’re going to enjoy. To spend the day of Ferragosto (August 15th) 2017 on Elba Island, we can give you three ideas.


1. Relaxation

As you will surely know, Elba Island is also (but not only) famous for the beauty of its beaches. They offer unforgettable views and a fabulous sea to all those who choose it as a destination for their holidays.

A special day such as Ferragosto must be spent in a special place. Like those considered the ten most beautiful beaches on Elba Island:

  • Delle Ghiaie;
  • Padulella;
  • Capo Bianco;
  • Sansone;
  • Enfola;
  • Sant’Andrea;
  • Fetovaia;
  • Cavoli;
  • Laconella;
  • Felciaio.

In one day, you can visit a couple of them, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


2. Excursions

The beaches are only one side of the breathtaking nature of Elba Island. There’s much more to see. Especially for you, hiking enthusiasts.

To spend an “active” day of Ferragosto, we can suggest you five different excursions:

  • Monte Capanne;
  • Isole vicine;
  • Eremi;
  • Grande traversata elbana;
  • Anello occidentale dell’isola d’Elba.


3. With the children

Are you spending a holiday with the kids and do not know what to do on Ferragosto Day? The solution is in Sant’Ilario, a small village in the municipality of Campo nell’Elba. Here, on August 15th, will take place the 2017 edition of the Festa dei Bamboli, during which children can enjoy the so-called “antique” games, such as the jumping bags.


These three different ideas will allow you to spend morning and afternoon of the Ferragosto Day. And in the evening? There are two solutions:

  • Usually, the port of Portoferraio is illuminated by the fireworks show (for further information, visit Portoferraio municipality official website, Comune.portoferraio.li.it);
  • In the discotheques of Elba Island (such as Decò and Club 64), you can dance until dawn.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/mariejirousek

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