How to spend the 2015 feast of the Assumption on Elba Island: 4 ideas for you

Fest of the assumption elba island 2015

Elba Island will be the destination of your next holiday. And you’ll be there also during the week of the feast of the Assumption. So, do you need any idea about where to spend the two days between August 14th and 15th? Here there are 4 suggestions.


1. Portoferraio

It’s the principal inhabited centre of Elba Island. And this is one of the suggestion for the feast of Assumption. You can spend your day on the most beautiful beaches and visiting medicee fortresses. In the evening there are parties on the beach and on the seafront. For further information, you can visit the official site of the municipality of Portoferraio,


2. Excursions

You can spend the day admiring the places in Elba Island which you haven’t see during the first days. The Capanne mount, the near isles, the “Grande traversata” of Elba, the “Anello occidentale”, and the hermitages: these certainly are the most beautiful excursions on Elba Island.


3. With children

Are you spending your holiday with your family? There’s an event organized just for them on August 15th: it’s the “Festa dei bamboli” at Marina di Campo, where children can spend an afternoon playing with “ancient” games.


4. Trekking

The last suggestion about where to spend the feast of the Assumption 2015 on Elba Island is for sportsmen, for the ones who firstly think at trekking shoes and then at the suitcase. If you’re part of this category,  there are several trekking trails on Elba Island that will test your abilities. And then, in the evening, you can relax in Portoferraio.


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