Nature and breathtaking views: the most beautiful excursions to do on Elba island

Elba Island excursions

A spectacular nature, to be seen: this is the island of Elba. A nature made of mountains, roads overlooking the sea, hermitages and sanctuaries, islands, gulfs. To admire also this aspect of the island, there are these excursions, absolutely the most beautiful to do on Elba island.



  • Monte Capanne. It is the highest peak on the island of Elba. Excursion recommended to all those who decide to spend a holiday here: from the top of Mount Capanne, in fact, you can embrace the whole island of Elba. A simply unmissable experience.
  • They are one of the most secret and evocative aspects of the entire island. With the fall of the Roman Empire, the Elba coasts were repeatedly attacked by pirates. The population then moved to the hinterland, safer and easier to protect. On the mountains places like the hermitage of San Cerbone, the sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte and the sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie were erected.
  • Great Elba crossing. For all those who are not afraid to put on sneakers. The Great Elban crossing is perhaps the itinerary par excellence, an itinerary that allows you to cross the whole Elba island from east to west, from Cavo to Pomonte, for a total of 72 kilometers.
  • Western ring. Absolutely one of the most beautiful excursions that can be done on Elba island. As the name suggests, it is the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo. Along the way you can see places such as the islet of Paolina, Chiessi, the Gulf of Fetovaia.


Boat excursions

On Elba island you can also make wonderful boat trips. In particular, there are two trips that will allow you to discover, from an “unedited” perspective, two parts of the coast of Elba island:

  • The Costa dei Gabbiani, to see beaches like Fonza and Lacona, caves and, for all fans, one of the best points on the island where you can do free climbing;
  • The Costa del Sole, where some of the island’s most beautiful beaches are set like jewels.


Pianosa and Capraia

That is two of the islands near Elba island. Every day, especially from the port of Portoferraio, the main town of the island, there are several boat trips that take visitors to discover one of these two islands.



For this island we must make a separate speech. Because in order to visit Montecristo it is necessary to ask for a special permit from the Forestry Corps of the State of Follonica (GR). Even the arrival to the island and the descent from the boat can only take place with the help of the State Forestry Corps. Having the permit can take a long time, but it is absolutely worth it to visit a completely uncontaminated place like the island of Montecristo.


These are the most beautiful excursions to do. Now you just have to book your ferry trip to Elba island.


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