How to embark the car on the ferries to Elba island: all the info

Elba Island embark car

To move on Elba island, there are several solutions. You have already chosen yours, that is bring your four-wheels with you. And for this reason you need to know how to board a car on the ferries to Elba island.

  • Booking the trip. We advise you to use a comparator as our online booking system. You only need to enter the data you are asked for, that is the route, age and number of passengers, day of departure and day of return. At this point, just check the option “I have a vehicle in tow” and specify the model and size: you’re done, you will have reserved a place for your car on the ferry. Tickets will be sent to you conveniently via e-mail.
  • When boarding. Although each company can provide its own rules in this regard, in principle, if you want to board a car you must show up at the boarding point about two hours before departure. The driver, following the instructions given by the crew on board of the ferry, must (him and only him) drive the car to the point that has been assigned. The other traveling companions, on the other hand, will have to climb on foot.
  • Durante il viaggio. Durante il tragitto, non è possibile tornare all’auto, quindi fate sempre molta attenzione a portare con voi tutto ciò di cui potreste aver bisogno. Inoltre, particolare da tenere sempre bene in considerazione, durante il viaggio non è possibile dormire sull’auto imbarcata.
  • During the trip. During the journey, you cannot get back to the car, so always be very careful to bring everything you need with you. Moreover, particular to always keep in mind, during the journey it is not possible to sleep on the embarked car.
  • At the time of landing. Shortly before arriving at the port of arrival, the crew will ask drivers to reach their cars and, following the directions, to drive them out of the ferry. At this point, your vacation on the island of Elba can begin.
  • LPG car. Finally, an additional specification to embark LPG-powered cars on the ferries to Elba island. For these vehicles, in fact, special spaces are provided where you can park them. Furthermore, the condition required by most companies, the tank must be half empty.


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