Elbatrail 2018: running between single trek, forest roads and unforgettable landscapes

  • Published: 19-03-2018
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Elbatrail 2018

Start by taking a look at the photo above. In May, you can find yourself practicing your favorite sporting activity, like running, admiring views just like this. And to do it, you just have to take part in the 2018 edition of Elbatrail “Eleonoraxvincere”, which will take place on May 20 at Marciana Marina.


The specialties

For the 2018 edition, Elbatrail is divided into three different specialties:

  • Elbatrail: 40 kilometers, departure at 9:00 am;
  • GTE Reloaded: 60 kilometers, departure at 6:00 (Cavo-Marciana Marina);
  • 7000 Non-competitive steps: 20 kilometers, departure at 9:00 am;
  • Ecological walk (non-competitive): 3 kilometers, departure at 9:00 am.

In the paths of these three specialties will alternate single trek trails, forest roads, stony ground. Elbatrail and 7000 steps will take place almost exclusively on paths. The starting point will always be in Marciana Marina.


How to get

It starts from Portoferraio, one of the main ports where dock ferries for the Elba Island. From here, to get to Marciana Marina you only have to:

  • Take the provincial road 24 up to Procchio;
  • From Procchio, take the provincial road 25 following the signs for Marciana Marina.

The trip by car (which we recommend you take on the ferry – alternatively, you can use the bus service on the Elba Island) takes about 25 minutes.


Not just sports

Because the Elbatrail 2018 could also become an opportunity to visit the Elba Island. In particular, you could take advantage of it for:

  • Visit Portoferraio (where, among other things, there are some of the most beautiful places on the island) and discover how much this town has to offer in terms of nature, history and culture: some of the places not to be missed are the house of Napoleon, the Medici fortresses, and beaches like the Ghiaie, Sansone, Padulella;
  • Go along the western ring of the Elba Island, that is the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo, a succession of small villages and picturesque bays.


More information

For more information on the 2018 edition of Elbatrail (complete itineraries, how to participate, certifications required to be able to compete, any changes dates), you can consult the official website of the event, Elbatrail.it.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/alehins

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