Elbatrail 2017: nature and sport meet in Marciana Marina

  • Published: 6-03-2017
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Elbatrail 2017

Sunday April 23, appointment in Marciana Marina for the Elbatrail 2017. The Ultra Skymarathon is a race with high technical difficulty. Nature and sport meet on a magic island, for a new trek among trails, heap of stones and forest roads.


The race

The Elbatrail has three different paths:

  • Elba Trail: 52 Km – start at 6:00;
  • 7000 steps non-competitive: 20 Km – start at 8:30;
  • Ecological walk: 3 Km non competitive – start at 9:00.

You have to bring trail shoes and canteens and you have to prepare yourself for a very difficult race with a passage on the Capanne mountain. The 7000 non competitive steps will take place a the flat trail.


…not only Skyrunning

The skymarathon is a real great opportunity to visit the wonderful places of Elba Island. During the race or during the ecological walk, you will discover the amazing views but you have also the time to spend in relax and to live all beauty of this island. At Portoferraio, for example, where there are the ferries to Elba Island, you can find a suggestive historical centre and you can visit the house of Napoleon. Then, you cannot also miss a tour along the western ring of Elba Island: a journey very loved by trekking enthusiasts. This is the coastal road from Procchio  to Marina of Campo: landscapes overlooking the sea, chestnuts and small towns will be the elements of these amazing views.


How to get there

You get in Marciana Marina by car and in one hour:

  • Take the county road 24 to Procchio;
  • From Procchio, take the county road 25 to Marciana Marina.


Further information

For further information about Elbatrail 2017 (how participate, complete path and changes to dates) you can consult the official event website: Elbatrail.it


Immagine source: Pixabay

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