Elbaman Triathlon 2015: just for real sport enthusiasts [VIDEO]

  • Published: 13-08-2015
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elbaman triathlon

Just for real, and obviously in good shape, sport enthusiasts. An event that every year attracts athletes, professionals or just amateurs, national and international. And the appointment is in Marina di Campo on 27th September, when the 2015 edition of Elbaman Triathlon will start.


What is Elbaman Triathlon

It’s a sport competition that became a classic for the lovers of this discipline. As the classiest triathlon, it consists in swimming, cycling and running. Three sports to practice in the naturalistic sceneries that only Elba Island can offer its visitors, wild and suggestive at the same time, always between the sea and the mountain. It’s here that the athletes will test their resistance and determination.


The three competitions

Elbaman Triathlon will be divided in three different competitions:

  • Elbaman: swim 3,8 kilometers, bike 180 kilometers, run 42,2 kilometers
  • Elbaman 73: swim 1,9 kilometers, bike 94 kilometers, run 21,1 kilometers
  • Elbaman for kids: also this year is divided in swim, bike and run, obviously apt for children

Elbaman Triathlon meets all the athletes, from professionals to semi-professionals to simple amateurs.


More information…

If you need more information about the 2015 edition of Elbama Triathlon (how to sign up, the complete program, rules, routes), you can visit the official site of the event, Elbaman.it.


…and a video to discover what is waiting for you 

(by Riccardo Scotti)


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/singapore2010

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