Elba world tango festival 2016: only if milonga is your real passion

  • Published: 11-05-2016
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Elba world tango festival 2016

Sensual steps on the floor, a warm sunset, the scents of the sea and breathtaking view: this will be Elba during the days of the Elba world tango festival 2016. An event that gathers fans and enthusiasts in a week of music and dance.


The festival

From June 25 to July 2, milongas will take place, literally, in every part of the wonderful town of Marina di Campo, both indoors and outdoors: the seashore and the streets of the location will make this dance even more magic. National and international musicians will perform during Elba world tango festival 2016 and their music will accompany the steps of the dancers.

The closing event will be the Milonga degli irriducibili (literally, “milonga of the the hard-liners”), for those who want to dance until dawn.


Not only Elba world tango festival 2016

Marina di Campo is in one of the most beautiful places on Elba Island and it is surrounded by artistic and natural beauties that will you leave breathless. The things to see in Campo nell’Elba are really several. If you like sports, maybe you should know that Chiessi is an ideal place for snorkeling, diving and kite surfing.


How to get there

Elba world tango festival 2016, as already said, will take place in Marina di Campo, hamlet of Campo nell’Elba. To get there from Portoferraio (the main town of the island, famous also for its wonderful beaches):

  • Take the county road 24 to Procchio
  • From Procchio, take the county road 24 and follow the road signs to Campo nell’Elba

The journey by car takes 30 minutes. Or you can get from Portoferraio to Marina di Campo by bus: for further information, visit Livorno.cttnord.it.


Further information

For further information about Elba world tango festival 2016, you can visit the official website of the event, Tangoelba.it.


Image source: Pixabay.com

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