Elba secret places: the 10 lesser-known beaches

Elba secret places: 10 beaches

You know which are the most beautiful beaches of Elba island. But your holiday doesn’t finish here. Because you have heard that there are other little jewels, most rarely visited secret places, along the coast of the island. In other words, you want to know what are the lesser-known beaches of Elba island.

Here you have.

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  1. Ripa Barata. It is not a beach but a small cove with white sand. It is a wild place, surrounded by nature, near Marciana Marina. It can be reached by sea or via a steep path. There are no services available.
  2. Spiaggia dalla Crocetta. A small green pebble beach, fifty meters long. It is clearly visible from the road just before Marciana Marina. From here, a path leads to the beach.
  3. Spiaggia di Cotoncello. In Marciana Marina. The beach is very small: Cotoncello is just thirty meters long. Clear granite sand beach, it is located in the Gulf of Sant’Andrea. It can be reached via paved road.
  4. Spiaggia di Patresi. It is located in the municipality of Marciana. It’s an uncrowded and granite gravel beach. You can arrive at Patresi beach via winding road that passes near Punta Polveraia’s lighthouse.
  5. Spiaggia di Cala della Cotaccia. A large (700 meters long) and uncrowded beach. It is a smooth granite cliff in the municipality of Marciana. It can be reached via sea or via steep path from Patresi.
  6. Spiaggia di punta del Massellone. Gravel and gray granite pebbles for this 130 meters long beach in the municipality of Campo nell’Elba. It can be reached by car.
  7. Punta della Contessa. Uncrowded, it’s a very, very small beach, just thirty meters long, in the municipality of Capoliveri. It’s a dark pebble beach. You can get there from the famous beach of Laconella.
  8. Spiaggia dei Peducelli. It’s a 100 meters long beach, made of sand mixed with gravel, on the coast of Capoliveri municipality. The beach of Peducelli is wild, there are no services available, and you can reach it via a path from Madonna delle Grazie sanctuary.
  9. Scoglio del Liscoli. It’s not a beach but a small cliff, with the rock of Liscoli that rises from the sea. Here there is a very little, wild and suggestive bay, completely immersed in the nature. You can reach the cliff from the nearby beach of Istia.
  10. Spiaggia di Istia. In the municipality of Capoliveri. It is a small and wild cove, with the rock of Liscoli on the right side and a small pine forest on the left side. Istia beach can be reached via an easy path from Calanova.


Have you seen which are the 10 lesser-known beaches of Elba Island? And these are not the only ones: the coast of Elba is a succession of coves and small bays.

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