Elba Photofest 2015: photos to describe Elba Island

  • Published: 31-08-2015
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photofest 2015

“The transformation of the photographic language”: this will be the main theme of Elba Photofest 2015, the first edition of a photographic festival that will be held in Campo nell’Elba from 4th September to 4th October. The main aim is to describe Elba Island (and not only) through totally different points of view, stories and styles.

The guest of the event will be Sara Munari, professor in History of Photography and Visual Communication at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan. With her, there will be Graziano Panfili, Daniele Lira and the Collettivo PhoFt (which organizes the event in partnership with the municipality of Campo nell’Elba, the Circolo culturale le Macinelle and the Mineralogical Museum Luigi Celleri).

The places in Campo nell’Elba where the festival will be held are two:

  • San Piero (the locations: Mineralogical Museim Luigi Celleri, San Niccolò church, Saletta dei cristalli and Volta di piazza di Chiesa);
  • Marina di Campo (Meeting room in Hotel Select + the exhibitions of Circuito Off in the shops).

There will also be numerous workshops, book presentations, a photographic marathon dedicated to all the places in Campo nell’Elba, a series of 3 exhibitions of vintage photos (organized by the Circolo culturale le Macinelle) about the identity and the history of this side of Elba Island.

For further information about Elba Photofest 2015 (complete program, how to participate, eventually changes of dates), you can visit the official site of the event, Elbaphotofest.com.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/touristathome

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