Elba Island’s secrets: mysterious domes and menhir

Elba Island’s secrets: domes and menhirOn the Elba Island there are beaches, nature and the villages. And then there are another face of this Island: less known but more mysterious and charming. In other words, there is an Elba Island rich of secrets.


Copper Age

Several ancient human buildings of Elba Island are of III millennium a.C, during the Copper Age and there are many evidence of that period: sepulcher and grave goods, tips of arrows, crockery.


Bronze Age

They are called “Ripostigli” and they are the most important evidence of the Bronze Age in the Elba Island. They are holes in the ground used to preserve objects as weapons and gear.


I Caprili

They are typical building of Elba Island and are present in many parts of the Island, above all to the Monte Capanne slopes. “Caprili” are circular or elliptical buildings. Usually the roof was made by leaves and rarely by stones.



On the Monte Capanne ther are a lot of menhir, big vertical stones that drawn a specific form. The means of these stones and of their arrangement are mysterious.


The Elba Island’s secrets are one of the many things to see during an holiday in this beautiful and suggestive land.


Fonte immagine: it.wikipedia.org

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