Winter holiday on Elba Island: there are 8 things to do and to see

Elba Island in winter

Places not crowded. Lower prices to stay in hotels. And, above all, the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe with all the charm that only this season can offer. In other words, Elba Island in winter is still a great idea for a holiday.


1. Villages and towns

On Elba Island, there are several villages and small towns to discover, where there’s everything you could need during a holiday: services, attractions, history, nature, culture, and entertainment. Places such as Portoferraio (the main town on the island) Rio Marina and Capoliveri.


2. Sport

Running, diving, snorkeling, and trekking: from this point of view, there are several possibilities. To practice sports on Elba Island in winter, you need to be perfectly equipped and to be sure of what you’re doing. The experience will be one that is not easy to forget.


3. History and culture

Centuries of history, several civilizations, and invaluable testimonies: winter could be the ideal time to learn and discover the history and culture of the island. Visiting places such as Medici fortresses, Napoleon’s home, Volterraio castle, Roman villas, and the several hermitages.


4. Nightlife

If, for, you, holiday means (also) dance until down, Elba Island can give you two great ideas: in Portoferraio, there are Club 64 and Deco, the two main discotheques of the island.


5. Napoleon

Napoleon is a very important part of the history of the island. Even today, the two houses of the first French emperor can be visited (one in Portoferraio and one in San Martino). In addition, on the island there are several places dedicated to the French emperor, such as Napoleon’s Spring and the chair of Napoleon.


6. Relax

The winter might be a good time to enjoy a completely relaxing holiday. In this case, what better idea than the spa of Portoferraio? Some of the main treatments use mud and seaweed, to restore body and mind.


7. Culinary specialties

This destination, among other things, has a rich and ancient culinary tradition. The typical dishes of Elba Island are so many (such as stoccafisso alla riese, gurguglione, sportella, schiaccia briaca) that only one holiday would be not enough to taste them all.


8. Events

And a winter holiday on Elba Island could be enriched by several important events such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


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