Elba Island “unknown”: 5 places far away from classic touristic itineraries

Elba Island unknown

There is a first Elba Island which could be called “classic”. It’s the island of beaches, fun, and resorts perfectly equipped to meet all the needs of the visitors, of the many places to visit. But besides this, there is another. An island less known, unattractive. And for this reason, made of more valuable places to admire during a holiday.


1. The Western Ring

A hidden island that winds along the Western Ring of the Elbe Island. An area where in a few kilometers alternate landscapes very different. Landscapes made of centuries-old woods, ancient villages and small little beaches where you really enjoy the pleasure of being “disconnected” from modernity.


2. Monte Capanne

A landscape where the height of Monte Capanne stands out. From the Marciana Marina town, two footpaths will take you on foot, which will bring the visitor to the top of the highest mountainous rise on the island. Where you can admire one of the most beautiful views: from the top of Monte Capanne it’s possible to embrace the entire Elba.


3. Between woods and villages

Monte Capanne is not the only natural beauty of this part of island. The landscape is also enriched by the Zanca countryside, and by the chestnut woods stretching to the first slopes of the mountain. Continuing along the coast you reach some of the little known beaches of Elba: Cavoli, Fetovaia, Sant’Andrea, Seccheto, the beach of Maciarello, the arena of the Tombs.

It’s a nature in which to perfection the small and ancient villages: Chiessi, Pomonte, and still the Cotton village in Marciana Marina. Both from the coast and from the summit of Monte Capanne it’s also possible to admire the silhouettes that emerge from the waters of the islands near Elba: Capraia, Pianosa and Montecristo.


4. Hermitages

In the period immediately following the fall of the Roman empire, the Elba coasts, falsified by the pirates, became unsafe. Progressively, the population moved to the hinterland, in the most difficult places to reach. In the most secluded places, small communities of monks were born. Their ancient residences, today, are the hermitages of the island of Elba.


5. Stone Monsters

This name refers to natural formations which, for their peculiar forms, have been renamed by the Elbanian population with the most diverse names: among the so-called Stone Monsters on the island of Elba, there are, for example, the Cullata of the Devil and Eagle Blossom.

Image source: Flickr.com/photos/ghirolfo53

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