Traditions of Elba Island: 5 typical things that you can’t miss

typical things elba island

A holiday isn’t just made of sea and sport (even if we’re talking about two of the main attractions of this destination). Because, as you surely know, you should discover all the traditions of the place. And if Elba Island will be the next destination of your holidays, there are 5 typical things you can’t miss.

  1. Schiaccia Briaca. One of the things to eat in Elba Island. A typical Christmas dessert, which can be ate in every period of the year. It’s made of raisins, pine nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and a glass of Aleatico.
  2. Oil. Don’t forget that you’re in one of the most beautiful island of the Tuscany archipelago. So also Elba Island has a renowned tradition in oil production. There are different variations: every zone of Elba Island produces a oil with unique flavors and characteristics.
  3. Ceramics. Also in this case, you’ll discover an ancient tradition of the Island. In Elba you can find watches, souvenirs, vases, lamps and furnishings, both for exteriors and interiors.
  4. Minerals. Elba Island is famous since ancient times for the minerals abundance of its subsoil. Minerals which can be found in many little shops, especially along the oriental coast.
  5. Wine. As said before, it’s one of the main ingredients of the Schiaccia Briaca. We’re talking about the Aleatico, a “passito” wine known (and appreciated) since the Etruscan era.

Now that you know what are the most important (but not the only) typical things of this destination, you just have one thing to do: book your ferry to Elba Island.


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