Elba Island: the five things to do in this suggestive island


It’s the island of the endless views. A green oasis in the Tuscan Archipelago. A place to choose as destination for your summer holidays, all to discover in case of a journey in winter. It’s a charming place, where small villages rich of story, disclose suggestive and timeless views. Nature and culture, perfumes and tastes, relax and fun. There are all the ingredients for a dream vacation, even in winter.

  1. Story and culture. Archaeological sites, museums, churches and fortresses. The Elba Island offers you a historical and cultural itinerary, all to discover. You can begin with a visit to Mausoleo Tonietti at Cavo, in Liberty style with motifs of roman-imperial inspiration. Then, you have to go to Villa Romana di Capo Castello, where there are several archaeological finds. You will enjoy an amazing views on the sea and on all the Tyrrhenian coast. You don’t forget the Archaeological Museum of Linguella at Portoferraio that keeps Roman finds from VIII sec. a.C. to V sec. d.C; and the houses of Letizia, Napoleone’s mother, that stayed for some months in Portoferraio and Marciana.
  2. Nature. If you love nature, you can not miss the wonders of Tuscan Archipelago National Park that will be able to satisfy your need for green and clean air. There are various landscapes. That one of Elba Island is articulated and complex. Granites and sedimentary rocks, violas and cornflower, herring gulls and peregrine falcons. The sea around hosts corals, starfishes, dolphins and rare moonfishes.
  3. Sport. Even in the cold months, your journey on the Elba Island reserves many activities such as golf, for example. In winter is good equip yourself and have a lot of experience in excursions and similar things. For the children there is the opportunity to fun in the Rainbow Toys Park at Marina of Campo.
  4. Movida. The island’s nightlife does not stop not even in winter. Then, you can relax because the fun is much even if it isn’t summer. You can open your evening in one of many bar or pub of Porto Azzurro such as Garden Beach of Marina of Campo, the Yachting Marciana Marina where you can drink and listening to good live music. Even the Gran Guardia at Portoferraio organizes events with live music or dj set, without to forget La vela which is become place of date for young from 16 to 25 years. If you want to dance you have to go to Club 64, for the house and techno music, and to the Mandel Club for the latin music.
  5. Eat. After you visited all the island, it’s a good thing to enjoy the tastes of typical dishes of this place. The Elba Island’s cuisine is simple and genuine. It shows the dominations suffered, putting together the tastes of the sea, with the perfumes of the land. The eastern part of island is famous for cakes, always appreciated even wines, white, red or dessert wine. Remember to taste: stoccafisso alla riese, gurguglione (rice, vegetables and fish) and the fried zerri.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/andolfato/

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