Active holiday: the 5 main sports that you can practice on Elba Island

Elba Island sports

For you, vacation is synonymous with sport activities, preferably outdoors. Have you chosen Elba Island as your next destination? So, these are the five main sports that you can practice.


1. Diving

The sea of Elba Island is beautiful not only on the surface (as its many beaches show) but also above the sea level. Not by chance, we are talking about one of the most preferred destinations by all diving enthusiasts. If the first things you put in your suitcase are mask and wetsuit, you’ve found the destination of your next vacation.

Regarding diving, Elba Island can offer you:

  • Promontories;
  • Shoals;
  • Rocks;
  • Wrecks.


2. Trekking

The nature of Elba Island is like a treasure: scents and colours of the Mediterranean scrub, enchanting panoramic views over the sea, small villages, ancient hermitages on the mountains.

If trekking is your sport, you have to know that there are six main paths:

  • Marciana-San Cerbone-Valle di Pedalta-La Stretta-Marciana;
  • Marciana-Madonna del Monte-Troppolo-Chiessi;
  • San Piero-Pietramurata-Moncione-San Piero;
  • Marciana-Pomonte;
  • Rio nell’Elba-Le Panche-Monte Capannello-Monte Strega-Santa Caterina-Torre Giove-Rio nell’Elba;
  • Rio nell’Elba-Rio nell’Elba.


3. Snorkeling

You like discovering the colours and the underwater life in a “soft way”. In other words, you enjoy snorkeling, even better if in the waters of some of the best beaches of the destination you have chosen.

Well, the best spots for snorkeling on Elba Island are:

  • Capo Sant’Andrea;
  • Le “formiche” di punta della Zanca;
  • Gli scogli dell’Ogliera;
  • Punta Fetovaia;
  • Secca di capo Fonza;
  • Il faraglione della Corbella;
  • La riserva marina delle Ghiaie-Capobianco-Scoglietto.


4. MTB

There are some emotions that only mountain biking can give you and you know it well, since you never plan a vacation without your beloved two wheels. Luckily, on Elba there are several itineraries for MTB.

Such as these six:

  • Capoliveri – Fattoria delle Ripalte – Capoliveri;
  • Redinoce – Monte Perone – Redinoce;
  • Rio nell’Elba – Cavo – Rio nell’Elba;
  • Gran fondo Elba ovest;
  • Colle Reciso – San Martino – Colle Reciso;
  • Punta Calamita.


5. Kayaking

From Marina di Campo to Procchio, from Marina di Campo to Lacona and the southeast coast: these three are the best parts for kayaking on Elba Island.


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