Elba island in September: what to do and what to see during a holiday

Elba Island in september

Elba island in August has the greatest tourist influx of the year. But this does not mean that outside this period there are no more reasons to enjoy a pleasant journey. Indeed, Elba island in September could be a simply ideal solution to spend a holiday in a quiet and, at the same time, wonderful place.

How the island in September is

Imagine a destination where there are some of the most beautiful beaches around the Tyrrhenian Sea. Imagine, now, this destination without the crowds of high season tourists, and with lower prices for both overnight stay and for the ferry trip. Here it is: this is Elba island in September. You will have the impression that the whole island is there just for you.


In September, on average, temperatures on Elba island can range from a minimum of 19 ° C to a maximum of around 25 ° C. In other words, the climate is warm but not muggy (after all, the island is always very windy), ideal to enjoy the most beautiful beaches or for hiking or other types of sports.


What to do and what to see

  • As mentioned, the temperatures are optimal to discover the most beautiful beaches of Elba island. Places that will become even more fascinating because you will not have to contend with other tourists.
  • Elba island is a small, authentic paradise for all sports enthusiasts. The main ones that can be practiced are five: diving, hiking, snorkeling, MTB, kayak. Whether you are an expert or beginner, the island will always give you the chance to test yourself.
  • Discos, clubs, playgrounds and various events that animate the island throughout the year: in other words, Elba offers many opportunities to enjoy yourself even in September, you just have to choose the solution you prefer.
  • September is a month highly recommended for those who want to spend a holiday of total relaxation. A holiday that could include at least a stop at the thermal baths of Elba island, which are located in Portoferraio: you will come back as new after a year of work and stress.

How to get

To enjoy this holiday in September, you just have one thing to do: book a place on one of the ferries to Elba island. We also advise you to board a car or a motorbike, so that you can move freely and see all the most beautiful places.

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