Holiday on Elba Island: the 5 beast sandy beaches in Portoferraio

Elba Island sandy beaches: Portoferraio

Relaxation, tranquillity, several services, shallow water: every vacationer needs different things on vacation. In your case, the necessary condition is the sand. And during your vacation to Elba Island, you can choose one of the five best sandy beaches in Portoferraio.


1. The perfect beach

“Perfect” is the adjective used by many visitors to describe spiaggia della Padulella, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. The sand is white, just like the cliffs. The colours of the sea are turquoise and aquamarine. There are several services and a parking.

How to get there: from Portoferraio, take the path from viale Einaudi.


2. The beach with services

If you’re looking for a beach that has all the services you could wish for, the destination is Spiaggia della Ghiaie, one of the most beautiful of Portoferraio. About 170 meters long, the white sand enhances the transparency of the sea. There are bars, beach clubs, restaurants, umbrellas and beach chairs rentals, a large car park: Spiaggia delle Ghiaie is ideal if you’re spending a holiday with children.

Hot to get there: from Portoferraio old town centre, take viale Manzoni, via Cairoli or viale delle Fiamme Gialle.


3. The “peculiar” beach

“Unique” is better than “peculiar”. Enfola promontory is joined to Elba Island by an about seventy meters long isthmus, where there are two beaches. The facing southwest one is a small jewel of black and grey sand. The water is very shallow. The contrast of colours (the dark of the sand, the green of the Mediterranean scrub and the blue sea) is amazing.

How to get there: take the road to Enfola.


4. The beach for relaxation

Once, it was an old village. Today, it is a very renowned tourist destination. Despite this, the Spiaggia di Forno is never crowded. And it is a place where you can enjoy a sense of complete relaxation: golden sand, a small and cosy beach, clear blue sea.

How to get there: take the road to Biodola and follow the road signs to Forno.


5. The beaches for snorkeling

It’s near Spiaggia di Forno. The Spiaggia di Scaglieri is a small beach of golden sand and small pebbles. There are a small parking and several services. Easy to reach, it is always very crowded. Don’t forget mask and snorkel: the cliff near the beach is a wonderful idea for snorkeling.

How to get there: take the road to Biodola and follow the road signs to Scaglieri.


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