Elba Island: relax and uncontaminated nature of Ripa Barata beach.

Ripa barata beach elba island

It’s one of the less known beach on Elba Island. But also one of the most beautiful, so it’s really worth to visit it. You can see it in this photo: it’s Ripa Barata beach. The reasons to visit it are a lot.


The beach

It’s not exactly a beach, but a sort of a little cove. It’s made of big stones and rocks and it’s surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and a hood made by holm oaks. Not forgetting to say what’s the most important detail: the sea is fabulously turquoise and blue.


Who should visit it

This beach can give unforgettable moments, spent totally surrounded by the wild and lush nature. It’s about 90 metres long and it’s never crowded, even during summer. It’s perfect for the ones who want to have a relaxing day at the beach.

But it’s not so easy to be reached and it’s without services: so it’s not recommended for a holiday on Elba island with kids.


How to reach it

There are two ways to reach Ripa Barata beach:

  • Via sea. You can rent a boat in Portoferraio or book a boat excursion that has a stop in this beach.
  • Via road. Starting from Fenicia beach, take the little road that goes to La Cala place. When the road ends, there’s a little lay-by where you can park your car. From here starts a little path that arrives at the beach.
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