Discover Elba Island on foot: itineraries and places to see

Elba Island on footBeaches, relax and culinary traditions are the most known attractions of Elba Island. But there is much more to see. And the best way to discover the nature and the sea of this place is the itineraries on foot.
Grande traversata elbana
This is one of the most famous trekking paths to visit Elba Island. The Grande traversata elbana (“Great Elba Island trip”) is a 72 kilometers long trip from East to West: the starting point is Cavo, on the east coast, the arrival point is Pomonte, on the west coast.
Anello occidentale
The hikers cannot miss this itinerary. The Anello occidentale dell’isola d’Elba (“Elba Island west loop path”) is the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo. And the visitor will see some of the most beautiful Elba Island places, such as Isolotto della Paolina, Monte Capanne, Golfo di Fetovaia.
Monte Capanne
It’s the highest peak of Elba Island. From the top of this mountain it’s possible to view the whole Elba Island, from East to West.
Elba Island territory is literally dotted with ancient hermitages. They were built after the Roman Empire fall. The hermitages are reachable through paths immersed in a verdant nature. Some of the most famous Elba hermitages are Romitorio di San Cerbone, Santuario della Madonna del Monte, Santuario della Madonna del Monserrato.
Mostri di Pietra
The last itinerary to discover Elba Island on foot. Mostri di Pietra (“stone monsters”) are big size formations. The name of this formations are due to their particular shapes: Cullata del Diavolo (“Devil’s rocking chair2), Masso dell’Aquila (“eagle’s rock”), Sedia di Napoleone (“Napoleon’s chair”) e Sommergibile (“Submarine”).


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