Elba Island in October: a journey between colors and fragrances of autumn

elba island october

You’re thinking about it for some time. And, even if you’d like doing it, you’re still hesitant. Why should you spend a holiday in Elba Island in October? There are at least five reasons.

  1. The colors and the fragrances. The colors are of the woods that change, from the brilliant green of the summer to the intense red of the autumn. The fragrances are of vineyards, chestnuts, mushrooms. Elba Island in October is like a painting and these are the colors of the palette.
  2. Temperatures are still mild. Summer is gone. But the climate of the island is still mild in October. Especially during sunny days, when Elba shows its beauty. A perfect climate to walk near the sea. Or to walk through the historic centers of its many towns.
  3. Trekking and excursions. There are a lot of possibilities. Such as the famous hermitages of Elba Island, some of the best excursions you can do here.
  4. The tranquility. It’s probably the most important reason that brings people on this island in October. Forget the crowd of summer months. Elba Island in autumn guarantees peace and tranquility. For a weekend or a week, you’ll keep the stress away and you’ll immerse in a relaxing atmosphere.
  5. The saving. Another valid reason. You can spend a holiday in Elba Island in October taking advantage of more convenient prices, both for hotels and the ferry trip. And this is an important thing.

These are five great reasons to spend a holiday on Elba Island in October. Are you also fascinated by the beauty of this place? If yes, you just have to do one thing: book your ferry trip.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/kikasz

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