Elba Island: night excursion between ancient menhirs and constellations

  • Published: 2-07-2015
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Elba island night excursion

The beaches, the sea, the typical dishes and the nature let you love it during the day. And now it’s time to see the isle by night, when it’s covered by the beauty of the sky and the stars. You can see it taking part to the night excursion that will start on August 11th, 2015. It’ll start from di Chiesa square, in the locality of San Piero. Obviously, on Elba island.

The excursion is totally free and everyone can do it. The start is scheduled for 21.30, and it will finish at about 23.45. Walking under the full moon, accompanied by the stars, you will reach “Sassi Ritti”. It’s one of the most important archaeological sites on Elba island, an ancient complex of aniconic menhirs (meaning that they are without symbols), that represent another evidence of how old is Elba island’s history.

Once you arrive at Sassi Ritti

  • You’ll be received by the trumpet of Daniele Diserio of Medinabox.
  • Francesca Anselmi, the guide of the excursion, will talk about the naturalistic and storic aspects of the site.
  • Angelo Lello Tranchida, an expert astronomer, will open the sky doors by talking about the summer Triangle that dominates the sky, the Milky Way, and the Virgin and the Lion constellations, that leaves the sky to let Pegasus, Cassiopea and Andromeda enter.
  • When you’ll come back in San Piero, you will taste the Aleatico dell’Elba docg 2013.

If you want more information about this night excursion in Ebla island (how to participate and dates), you can contact the organizer of the excursion, “Le Macinelle” cultural club.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/alerc1

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