Elba Island: the Istia beach, wild and calm

Istia beach elba island

On Elba Island the less known beaches are a sort of treasure for the ones who want to discover special and precious places, which aren’t so crowded during the summer. Just like Istia beach.


The beach

The picture says it all. It’s a wonderful cove immersed in the nature, one of the wildest part in Elba Island. The beach is made of ochre sand mixed with dark brown gravel. The seabed alternates sand to little submerged rocks. On the east side of the beach there’s the Liscoli rock, while the promontory on the west side has a thick pine grove.


Who should go

We already talked about the beauty of this beach. Moreover it is in an uncontaminated zone, where you can spend a day immersed in the nature, between the green of the pine grove and the blue of the sea. The relaxation is guaranteed: Istia is never so crowded, even during summer.

Take with you mask and snorkel because there are so many occasions to do snorkeling. But you should also consider the fact that there are no services on the beach and it’s not so easy to reach: it’s better to change destination if you’re spending you holidays with your family.


How to reach it

Have you seen the photos of Istia beach and suddenly you want to go? Don’t worry, it’s a normal effect. After you’ve parked your car near Calanova (one of the most famous beaches along the Costa dei Gabbiani), from the beach there’s a path which is enough easy to walk through.

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